Jul 28

Emerging Tech Investment Trends: A Conversation with VC's

As tech startups and entrepreneurs make incredibly significant business decisions in order to stay afloat in the current market and decide how to allocate their funding in an economic downturn, some have found themselves uncovering new opportunities for innovation. Plato theorized “Necessity is the mother of Invention” and we are seeing this truth unfold everywhere, particularly in the technology space. But how can startups innovate, pivot and launch in such unprecedented times?

Listen in as top Venture Capitalists across the country share what they are seeing in the tech startup space today as well as what trends and innovations will emerge as a result of exorbitant economic pressure. We discuss what products and technologies are suddenly considered mission-critical, how companies have successfully transformed their offerings and business models, and new tech innovations that have emerged to help solve for COVID-19 related challenges across industries.


  • Anastasia Simon | Managing Director, Shadow Ventures
  • Benjamin David Novak | Angel Investor, Delaware Crossing 
  • Lucas Timberlake | Partner, Fintech Ventures Fund
  • Erica Van | Early-Stage Investor, Charles River Ventures


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