Jul 13

How to Ensure a Diverse & Inclusive Tech Work Culture

It’s no secret that diversity and inclusion are extremely important pillars for ensuring a collaborative, supportive, and successful work culture. In fact, 64% of high-tech workers believe that organizations with a diverse workforce are more likely to produce world-class innovation than those more homogeneous in makeup (CompTIA). In addition to bringing further innovation to businesses, the benefits of diverse and inclusive workplaces include staff loyalty, efficiency, attractiveness to new talent, and more.

But while 72% of tech founders believe in the importance of diversity, only 12% have five or more employees in tech roles who are from underrepresented groups. So how can tech organizations – and the teams within them – continue to address inclusion in the workplace in a way that initiates meaningful change?

Whether you already have a fully formed program, or you’re thinking about D&I for the first time, listen in as our panel of experts share their best tactics for planning, deploying, monitoring, and improving your diversity & inclusion strategies.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • What does diversity & inclusion look like in the tech industry today?
  • How can tech leaders better diversify their hiring practices?
  • What policies, practices, and principles can you put in place to cultivate an environment of diversity & inclusion?
  • What tools and resources can tech leaders lean on to explore and celebrate team differences?
  • What types of employee engagement programs & resource groups yield the best results?
  • How can we ensure effectiveness and measure the success of our D&I initiatives?


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